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Featured Team Members
Mike Turk
Sales Executive
Mike is motivated by a firm belief that what we do at Vericom makes a difference. His entire career in healthcare confirms it. And that difference is not just about delivering ROI for hospitals. It’s about patient care. It’s about helping patients get well and stay well. It’s about fathers, sisters, brothers and daughters. And, it’s about making YOU look good to your boss. And to your boss’ boss. A problem-solver at heart, Mike knows that if he can gain enough of your trust to get you to open up a little and tell him the problems you’re trying to solve, he can go to work and craft a solution that’s right for you.

His most joyful moments? Watching his children and grandchildren grow and realizing that he can always learn something new from them. Call it a role-reversal. Call it a moment of discovery. He savors those times when he is surprised by their perspective. When he sees things from their eyes—at two or four or six or twenty-one years old—for just a moment and realizes their separateness and uniqueness and the inherent wisdom in their take on things. Father, husband, brother, sales guy. He’s our Mike Turk, and he’s coming soon to a webinar or conference room near you.
Jess McCarthy
Account Specialist
She’s a study in contrasts. A water baby who detests seafood. A Southerner with no accent. A self-described closet nerd who excels at inside sales. A science enthusiast fascinated with the supernatural. A numerophobe who works with numbers. iPad junkie. Food aficionado.

She’s Vericom Account Management Specialist, Jessica (Jess) McCarthy. Who is Jess to our clients? A problem-solver and all-around go-to person for any needs beyond creating and delivering your SoundCare program—the one you call when you need a change in your service agreement, want to expand your SoundCare service to more sites, or need a technical issue resolved. She loves learning about the intricacies of healthcare, meeting new clients and especially enjoys traveling to visit them. If you’re a Vericom client, you’ll meet her soon, if you haven’t already!