Vericom Wayfinding
Healthcare design is driven by new technologies, sustainability, the patient experience, and user-friendly environments. Therefore, it is important to have custom interactive wayfinding maps to direct visitors through healthcare facilities and provide an important source of directional information for all audiences.

Vericom will partner with you to build 100% custom interactive content based on your needs and objectives to include wayfinding maps, person and department directories, digital signage integration, and more. We will work with you to deliver a comprehensive product and service, including:
  • On-site survey and needs assessment
  • Branding components
  • Custom content and map renderings
  • Campus-wide, building-specific and area maps
  • Point-to-point directions and visual paths
  • Directories tied to map locations
  • General facility information
  • Hardware and software
  • Installation
  • Service and support