Team Vericom
We’re committed to delivering exceptional customer care every day. The Vericom team is fully engaged in our mission to deliver best of class audio and visual solutions without fail.
Sales and Marketing

Vericom’s sales and marketing teams work together to help you understand what you need to be successful with your on-hold messaging and digital signage projects. Our sales executives pay attention to what you tell us about your communications goals and strategic initiatives and craft solutions to help you accomplish them.
Client Relations Specialists

At Vericom, you will ALWAYS work with a dedicated Client Relations (CR) Specialist whose job it is to understand YOUR business and meet YOUR objectives. Our CR team is committed to ensuring our clients receive the highest possible value from SoundCare® on-hold messaging and ChannelCare® digital signage. Our team proactively supports our clients and finds ways to optimize your programming.
Health Writers

Drawing from luminary sources such as the CDC and the National Institutes of Health, Vericom’s expert health writers research and write messages that are then reviewed for clinical accuracy by our staff RN. Our health writers are experienced in writing compelling messages for our content libraries as well as custom messages designed to deliver return on investment for clients.
Account Management Team

Vericom’s hard-working account management team manages clients’ contracts and oversees all accounts to ensure client satisfaction. Account managers work closely with clients and Vericom CR specialists to ensure we are providing the right services to meet our clients’ needs.
Studio Engineers

Our professionally trained studio engineers help ensure the quality of every audio recording we produce for SoundCare on-hold messaging and voiceovers for ChannelCare digital signage videos.

Vericom studio engineers also help manage our professional voice talent recordings in our in-house studios. They are experts in recording, producing, and delivering exceptional audio productions for healthcare at the highest quality.
ChannelCare Survey and Installation Team

Our survey and installation team uses their experience and understanding of healthcare audiences and hospital building design to perform technical site surveys for ChannelCare digital signage clients. These surveys help determine the optimal locations for ChannelCare monitors. The team works closely with the client’s facilities management personnel, IT, and marketing to prepare for installations and then seamlessly installs monitors without interfering with any hospital equipment or hardware.

Vericom’s design team members are all art school graduates, respectively specializing in graphic design, computer art with an emphasis in 3D, and visual effects and motion graphics. The team produces stunning static images and videos, all in high definition for our ChannelCare library and custom messages for clients. Our team is available to create custom content including static messages, high- definition videos, or animations for your ChannelCare programs.
Professional Voice Talents

Our professional voice talents bring years of experience and a wealth of expertise to recording our SoundCare on-hold messaging and voiceovers for ChannelCare videos. The voice talents are skilled in healthcare audio presentations, and provide an array of options for our clients, including male and female, child, and senior voices and multi-lingual presentations.
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