How can SoundCare help us reaffirm our commitment to quality care?
Glad you asked! SoundView is a unique SoundCare application featuring the voices of your leadership, staff, and patients in your on-hold program. Crafted from phone interviews, SoundView allows the passion and commitment of the speaker to show through. What better spokesperson for your hospital than a patient whose life you saved there? Imagine the impact on recruitment when a nurse talks about why he wouldn’t work anywhere else. SoundViews with your leadership make consumers and employees feel valued, providing powerful audio testimonies for your SoundCare program.
What does Vericom’s 23 years’ in healthcare mean to you?
Healthcare is the only industry we serve. Our writers are experienced in developing relevant messaging, taking into account the complexities in communicating with diverse audiences. Our professional voice talents are able to adapt both tone and style necessary for communicating key messages to your calling audiences. Our library of thousands of healthcare messages are all reviewed by clinicians for accuracy.
How can SoundCare drive revenue at my organization?
SoundCare engages your most targeted audiences: those who already calling you! Often, callers contact you about one issue and hear about another service they need or may need in the future. SoundCare is an effective, flexible, and inexpensive way to get the word out about the services you offer. SoundCare can change behavior, prompting callers to:
  • Utilize your profitable service lines
  • Register for events and classes
  • Make appointments
  • Schedule screenings
  • Fill clinical trials
  • Fill job openings
What best practices should I consider for optimal results from SoundCare?
Count on your Vericom client representative to assist you in creating optimal programs that differentiate you from the competition. We offer unique formats that enhance your callers’ experience including our Health News Network, which is like a lively newscast. And, SoundCare’s SoundView enables clients to incorporate messages taken from interviews with leadership, patients, and medical staff, leaving a distinct mark on audiences as they hear directly from people invested in the topic.
How does SoundCare impact the waiting experience in healthcare?
Waiting on hold doesn’t have to be frustrating and unproductive. With SoundCare, you have the power to change your callers’ perception of the wait, making the time seem shorter and productive. SoundCare provides valuable, timely, relevant information that prompts callers to respond to your messages and take action.
How can SoundCare be used in emergency communication?
We proactively monitor the news and weather and contact you about emerging issues such as weather emergencies, drug recalls, wildfires, health epidemics, and more. We can provide hotlines to free your customer service reps to handle more complicated calls. We provide pre-recorded and custom messages that help you effectively communicate with your community during a crisis. And, we have a fast turnaround for emergency updates to your programming.

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SoundCare® on-hold messaging Project Management
Our launch team works closely with you for a smooth and seamless start to your total SoundCare experience. From sales to client relations to account management to our studio, we guide you through each detail involved in your SoundCare launch—ensuring a successful and sustainable SoundCare solution for your hospital or other healthcare facility.
SoundCare® on-hold messaging Project Management
  • Technical Analysis Survey: Completed early on in the sales process to determine whether our equipment is compatible with your phone system.

  • Launch call: Provides an overview of our processes for working with you during the life of your contract as we prepare and deliver your audio programs. We will talk with you about your goals for SoundCare and your audiences, so we can help you develop relevant programs.

  • Equipment installation: Our studio provides phone support to your telecom personnel during the installation of the SoundCare equipment.
  • Content development: Your dedicated client relations specialist will work with you to develop your program, so you launch SoundCare and sustain it with messaging that engages your callers and delivers the results you need.

  • Ongoing support and service: Your dedicated client relations specialist will be with you every step of the way, helping manage your SoundCare programs. We even offer 24/7 support, so we can help you communicate with your community during a crisis such as a weather emergency.