Why is SoundCare a “must have” for healthcare providers?
Vericom’s SoundCare on-hold messaging, exclusively for healthcare, engages your calling audiences with custom health education and marketing messages that inspire changes in behavior. SoundCare prompts callers, a highly targeted audience, to make appointments, attend screenings, fill clinical trials, and much more. SoundCare drives everything from increased service line revenues to improved patient satisfaction scores with relevant, timely messages that use call- to-action at the point of contact.
Our comprehensive SoundCare system includes:
(at no additional charge!)
  • Nearly 25 years healthcare-only experience
  • SoundIdeas audio health content library, clinically reviewed, updated monthly
  • Custom content development—we offer customization suggestions or write your messages for you
  • Turnkey service—takes 15-30 minutes a month to manage
  • Emergency preparedness communication—we proactively contact you with message solutions during your emergencies
  • SoundSkits—creative audio dialogues, messages delivering health education with a dose of humor and drama
  • Your pre-recorded audio clips (radio ads, etc.) as part of your SoundCare program (as desired)
  • Digital announcing equipment or VOIP delivery of your audio program
  • Professional voices experienced in delivering the right “read” for healthcare audiences
  • PSAs from healthcare luminary organizations like the CDC and AHRQ
What results can I expect from SoundCare?
SoundCare will:
  • Drive behavior change
  • Lead people to services, screenings, referral lines, and more
  • Educate callers and improve health literacy
  • Elevate patient satisfaction and service excellence
  • Recruit and retain staff
  • Promote ratings, awards, and report cards
  • Enhance branding efforts
  • Promote physicians, their credentials, and experience
  • Reduce call abandonment
  • Save lives by prompting callers to take action to protect their health