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Children’s Hospitals and Clinics
Children’s treatment centers have their own unique communications challenges. With 21 children’s hospitals as clients, Vericom is experienced in delivering the solutions children’s facilities want and need. Using SoundCare and ChannelCare, Vericom clients like Children’s Medical Center, Dallas can achieve their goals in many areas, including:
  • Helping ensure kids get recommended vaccinations and other preventive services.
  • Improving employee satisfaction and increasing compliance with procedure and process.
  • Engaging callers and internal audiences with messages developed from a child’s perspective.
Cancer Treatment Facilities
Cancer treatment centers benefit from Vericom’s experience reaching their distinct audiences with content targeted toward treatment, prevention, and support issues. Fox Chase Cancer Center Center in Philadelphia, an organization renowned for clinical research and excellence in cancer care, uses SoundCare and ChannelCare in tandem to accomplish goals such as:
  • Advancing early detection.
  • Reaching out to cancer patients with messages promoting support groups and other resources.
  • Promoting their advanced technologies and leading physicians.
Orthopedics and Joint Replacement
Vericom serves orthopedic hospitals and joint solutions centers. ChannelCare and SoundCare support orthopedic initiatives with messages on topics such as:
  • Informing patients about minimally invasive procedures.
  • Preventing injuries with messages about improving bone strength and exercising the right way, among others.
  • Educating patients about joint replacement surgery and other treatments for musculoskeletal issues.