Below are some examples of SoundCare® on-hold messages you can use before, during, and after a hurricane. We can create any copy you want to communicate during these weather conditions. If you would like to see some more examples of hurricane- related messages, just ask your client relations representative.
Before a hurricane:
A hurricane warning is issued when a storm with winds of 74-miles per hour or greater, or dangerously high water and rough seas are expected within 24-hours. During a hurricane warning, the Federal Emergency Management Agency urges you to listen constantly to television and radio news for the latest hurricane information. Pack up important items, such as clothes, bedding, bottled water, prescription medication, and personal documents, in case you are told to evacuate. Also, be sure to call family or friends and let them know where you’re planning to go, if you are forced to leave.
During a hurricane:
In light of current weather conditions, we have taken measures to help ensure continuous care for our patients. Please remember that we are not an emergency shelter for the public. Be sure to take the proper precautions, and stay tuned to local media stations regarding updates, possible evacuations, and shelter openings. Be safe; comply with any and all evacuation orders and move to shelters or other places of safety. Please call the __________ County Emergency Management office at XXX- XXX-XXXX for evacuation information and shelter locations. That number again XXX- XXX-XXXX, or visit their web site at www dot XXX XXXXX dot org.
After a hurricane:
After a wildfire, don’t enter your house until officials have said it’s safe. Use caution when entering burned areas of your home as hazards may exist. Avoid damaged or fallen power lines. Wet debris down to reduce exposure to dust particles, and wear leather gloves and heavy-soled shoes to protect hands and feet. Discard any food that has been exposed to heat or smoke. And, listen to emergency updates to confirm the water supply is safe before using any tap water.