What is SoundCare®?
SoundCare is an on-hold and in-queue messaging system uniquely designed for healthcare providers to engage their callers who are placed on hold or in queue. SoundCare programs include custom health education and marketing messages recorded by professional voice talents, interspersed with music and designed to play continuously through a telephone’s music-on-hold circuit.
Why is SoundCare so effective for healthcare audiences?
Because we ONLY serve the healthcare industry. Our staff clinician and health content writers ensure the clinical integrity of each message we write and produce. Our recording studio team and professional voice talents are able to adapt both tone and style to communicate key messages to your diverse calling audiences.

We are constantly surveying the national and local healthcare landscape to deliver communications opportunities that are valuable to you and your patients, employees, and others who may wait on hold. We stay on top of current healthcare issues including drug recalls, patient safety initiatives, healthcare trends, weather emergencies, and more.
How does SoundCare work?
Our clients spend about 15-30 minutes each month managing SoundCare. Clients select topics from our SoundIdeas audio content library, and/or send in content ideas for us to write custom messages. We then send completed scripts to clients for review and approval. We make script changes until our clients are completely satisfied, and then handle all professional recordings and program delivery.
How can SoundCare drive revenue at my organization?
SoundCare is an effective, flexible, and cost-effective way to get the word out about your programs, services, events, screenings, and more. Many clients have tracked return on investment from SoundCare, and we recommend you read some of our many case studies to find out more.

SoundCare on-hold messaging has a proven return on investment by directing callers to:
  • Utilize profitable service lines as well as lesser-known services
  • Make physician appointments
  • Sign up for clinical trials
  • Register for events and classes
  • Schedule screenings
  • Fill job openings
How can SoundCare be used in emergency preparedness?
SoundCare is the ideal medium for communicating emergency preparedness and crisis communication messaging (before, during, and after an emergency) for a wide variety of situations, including storms, wildfires, health epidemics, drug recalls, and more.
Why can’t I just play the radio on hold?
The law requires you to pay licensing fees to use any music for the benefit of your business. You also have no control over the content played over the radio. Radio can advertise your competition, provide faulty reception, or even be offensive to your callers. SoundCare on-hold messaging puts you in control of what your callers are hearing.
Do I have to write my own messages?
Script writing is included in your service. Our clinician and staff of healthcare content writers write and review your script every month to ensure the clinical integrity of each message we deliver to your calling audiences. You have full control over the final product—script editing doesn’t end until you are totally satisfied.
I have a diverse range of cutomers. Do you provide messages in other languages?
Yes. We have many clients who request programs in other languages. While Spanish is the most often requested language, we can provide service in almost any language. We use only professional voice talents, no matter which language you choose.
What internal communications are available just for employees?
Vericom VoiceBlast is a communications solution that delivers a pre-recorded message to your employees’ voice mail at a date and time you specify. A VoiceBlast enables your leadership to speak directly to employees to reinforce your mission, emphasize policy and procedure updates, recognize employees and physicians, and more! This is an opportunity to connect with employees you won’t want to miss.
What unique applications does SoundCare have to directly connect to callers?
SoundView is a unique way of communicating to callers via your SoundCare program. SoundView is an audio message crafted from one-on-one interviews with your leadership, staff, and even patients. In addition to SoundCare, SoundView may be used in other media including web site audio and internal voice messaging, among others. This is an effective engagement tool that will clearly differentiate you from your competitors and help keep your patients and employees loyal to your organization.
What are Vericom Voice Prompts?
Vericom provides a lasting first impression with your callers with professionally recorded menus routing them to the department or information they seek. The benefits include:
  • Costs that fit your budget
  • Vericom’s exceptional service and support
  • Smooth integration into your system
  • Supports multiple languages
How do I get started with voice prompts?
Contact marketing at Vericom at 800-800-1090. We will help assess your needs and create a plan for getting your voice prompts recorded.
What is ChannelCare®?
ChannelCare is Vericom’s healthcare digital signage solution. Our system includes survey and installation, hardware, web-based software, content creation and content library, 24/7/365 service and support, and more. ChannelCare informs, engages, and empowers audiences with personalized content delivered through high definition monitors and other applications where people work, eat, wait, congregate, and reside in a hospital or healthcare facility.
What impact can ChannelCare have on my leadership’s strategic initiatives?
ChannelCare delivers high-impact, relevant content that can change behavior and help achieve your leadership’s strategic initiatives. For example, ChannelCare messages can motivate staff to comply with process, thus improving quality of care and patient safety. It can improve employee satisfaction by recognizing employees and letting them know leadership is invested in their success. It can improve patient satisfaction by addressing patients’ concerns while they wait.
How do SoundCare and ChannelCare work together?
SoundCare and ChannelCare can work in tandem to help you achieve your communications goals. For example, you can reinforce a subject by playing messages about the same topic on both media. People who call first and then visit your facility will be more likely to remember a subject that has been “doubly exposed.” You can also promote ChannelCare with SoundCare messages and increase the likelihood that callers will pay attention to the monitors when they come to your facility.
How is ChannelCare different from other digital signage solutions?
Our solution is turnkey, comprehensive, and sustainable. Anyone can sell you hardware and software. We offer a consultative service with a focus on supporting you in developing content, and we offer thousands of ready-made messages via our content library that you can customize with call-to-action tag lines at no additional charge. Our professional graphic artists and writers work with you to develop custom content, and we offer self-service options for content creation.
What does your “comprehensive” service and support mean to me?
It means that you don’t have to go to other vendors for anything when you buy from Vericom. Our U.S. based team will perform a thorough technical site survey, order and install the equipment, and train you on our web-based software. You will have a dedicated client relations representative to guide you in creating and managing your programs.
Why is ChannelCare so effective for the healthcare industry?
With more than 23 years exclusively providing healthcare communications, Vericom understands the complexities of the healthcare industry. Our staff clinician and health content writers ensure the clinical integrity of each message we write and produce.

We keep abreast of national and local issues that affect healthcare. We offer you the opportunity to communicate with your audiences about issues such as drug recalls, patient safety initiatives, healthcare trends, weather emergencies, and more.
What kind of software do you provide with ChannelCare?
Vericom Content Management System (VCMS) is our web-based software that includes a graphic-rich user interface with intuitive controls. VCMS allows you to access our vast healthcare content library, provides online editors, custom backgrounds, collaboration opportunities with Vericom to create your custom messages via the system, and much, much more.
How does ChannelCare help me produce enough fresh content to keep my viewers interested?
ChannelCare healthcare digital signage makes it easy to keep your programs updated with fresh content. Our library provides thousands of pre-made, high definition messages that you can customize with call-to-action tag lines at no additional charge. We also offer managed content, including AP news, lifestyle and entertainment programming, weather, scenic and more, updated throughout the day without any effort or involvement on your part. We make it our business to remove any content that may be inappropriate or unsettling for patients and families waiting for loved ones, procedures, and more, in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.
Does Vericom offer me assistance with content planning?
Your client relations representative will work with you to assess your audiences and your internal resources and will establish a programming guide with recommendations for content development. You can use this guide to plan your programs based on your objectives and resources.
How do I get started with ChannelCare?
It’s easy. We will work with you to:
  • Help assess your digital signage needs.
  • Perform an onsite technical survey and make recommendations for equipment and monitor locations.
  • Prepare a contract.
  • Conduct a “launch call” to familiarize you with our team and processes.
  • Develop your graphic “skins,” or backgrounds for your monitors.
  • Train your users on our software.
  • Conduct a content planning site visit where we assess your audiences and internal resources and prepare a programming guide with recommendations for content development.
  • Work with you to develop your launch programs.
For more information email marketing@vericom.net or call 800.800.1090.