It will take new attitudes toward nutrition and physical activity to get kids, who are now fatter than ever before, off the couch and onto the track, the playground, or the playing field. And what better place to start changing attitudes than at school, using peer recognition and kid-friendly, high definition digital signage communications to show students what’s in it for them when they choose healthier behaviors.

The Crim Fitness Foundation, a nonprofit group that seeks to encourage people of all ages to be active and healthy by sponsoring training programs and racing events, has taken up the gauntlet against childhood obesity in Flint, Michigan. As part of a study by Michigan State University, the Foundation partnered with Vericom to provide ChannelCare digital signage at Eisenhower Elementary School in Flint. The goal of the project is to attack childhood obesity using relevant and clinically accurate educational content where it can have a direct impact on motivating and inspiring children, educators, and administrators. ChannelCare’s visual communications catalyze behavior change in audiences, prompting them to make appointments, attend screenings, participate in their own healthcare, get active, and more.

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