Engage and Encourage
All content should routinely engage your audiences and encourage action. This is why Vericom provides many options for message development, including content libraries for both SoundCare on-hold messaging and ChannelCare digital signage. (Our content can also be packaged for Twitter and Facebook. Email marketing@vericom.net to request information on this program.)

For your communications solutions to be effective and sustainable, your content should engage your audiences enough so they are encouraged and inspired to do what you recommend. This action can include, among others, making a doctor’s appointment, signing up for a smoking cessation class, buckling up every time someone enters a car, registering for a clinical trial, telling someone about your quality patient care, and more. Your content should deliver the results you need that can ultimately be tracked back to your messages.

Because “content is king,” Vericom includes many options for you to develop custom content for both ChannelCare healthcare digital signage and SoundCare on-hold messaging.
Your message should always benefit the person receiving it.
What’s HOT
in the ChannelCare digital signage Content Library?
Included in the cost of ChannelCare is a robust and dynamic digital signage content library with more than 2,000 high-definition messages, videos, and animated content on varied and diverse topics such as wellness and prevention, science, travel, weather, entertainment, nature scenes, and more. Most messages can be customized with your own calls-to-action to include your web addresses and phone numbers. RNs regularly review and update messages to ensure clinical accuracy. We also provide AP news as part of our managed content offering, eliminating inappropriate material before it reaches you in order to reduce your work and involvement.
What’s HOT?
Featuring SoundCare Audio Content.
NEW SoundSkit – One patient's journey with narcolepsy
The waiting experience is an integral and all-too-often necessary part of the total patient experience. A positive waiting experience begins with keeping your callers informed, entertained, and making them feel valued. Now your callers can listen to a new twist on a traditional theme. SoundSkits use humor and wit in a multi-dialogue format, to engage the listener and improve the on-hold experience. You may even hear your callers say, “It was worth the wait.” For more information on SoundSkits or to include this new format in your SoundCare program, contact your client relations representative at 800.800.1090.

Vericom also offers an audio content library for SoundCare on-hold messaging on a wide variety of healthcare topics, including prerecorded PSAs from sources such as the CDC and AHRQ, along with celebrity messages. Each month clients can select messages from the library, create their own, or have us create messages for them. Content selections are updated monthly so we stay current with health observances and what is going on in the healthcare industry today.

Plan your content to benefit your audiences who will see and hear your messages! Start simply using plain language, build your foundation, and grow from there. Our consultative service can help you plan your content strategy at every step along the way.