ChannelCare for Closed-Circuit (CCTV) Television in Patient Rooms

ChannelCare delivers your messages to patients in their rooms. Programs can be the same as those delivered in waiting areas or targeted to audiences on a more personal level. Cafeteria menus, discharge instructions, service line information, and patient education can be delivered where patients reside in the hospital for the most impact.

Content for Mobile Applications—QR codes, Foursquare Checkins, SMS text messages

While your audiences wait, enable them to respond to special events and promotions, register for screenings, and get need to know information delivered from your ChannelCare digital signage monitor directly to their smartphone. QR codes can be embedded in messages to track responses to your messaging.

Even More Content Options! Weather, Tide Reports, Lifestyle and Entertainment, AP News, Scenic and Inspirational messaging

To ensure a robust and sustainable content program that you can customize for your unique audiences based on where they are in your hospital, we offer many message options. These unique applications can be accessed from the ChannelCare content library where you select as many messages as you need to play in any programs with the click of your mouse. We manage the content for you, so inappropriate material is removed before it reaches your monitors, reducing your involvement and workload.

ChannelCare Patient Flow Solutions

Use ChannelCare patient flow solutions to manage the expectations of patient wait times and ensure smoother customer flow. By managing wait times and throughput, ChannelCare can help elevate patient and employee satisfaction with improved communication in waiting rooms, lobbies, imaging centers, and more.