Technical Site Survey
One of the most important components to ensuring the success of your digital signage platform is the planning and preparation prior to beginning any equipment installation. When planning your digital signage initiative, it is important to understand the benefits of a carefully thought out and well-executed technical site survey.
During our survey, we:
  • Ask about your people and traffic patterns, communications goals, and where people are waiting, eating, etc. and for how long
  • Recommend monitor locations and sizes
  • Establish good working relationships with your facilities, maintenance, plant operations, security, and IT staff
  • Perform work after hours to minimize staff and facility disruption
The proper installation and care during installation can impact your ability to deliver patient care. We know healthcare is unlike any industry and before anyone touches your walls, you need to know your vendor is truly a partner who knows what they are doing. We go beyond being installers to being consultants who understand and take care of your business.
ChannelCare content is delivered via small, out-of-sight media players to high-definition, commercial-grade LCD monitors located throughout your facility. Vericom provides you with the most cost-effective and technology-current hardware for your platform. Our installers will install the small media players in secure locations that are within 2,000 feet of the monitors they are delivering content to.
ChannelCare software, also called Vericom Content Management System (VCMS), was developed with a partner hospital to create a design and user interface that uniquely meets the needs of healthcare providers

Benefits of VCMS include:
  • Easy-to-use web-based software designed to meet the unique challenges of internal healthcare communications
  • Multiple content development options
    • Choose messages and videos from our Content Library. Included!
    • Create your own content via online editors
    • Upload existing files
    • Have Vericom create messages for you
  • Vericom’s digital signage expertise and consultative service helps clients continually deliver results
  • Choose and combine different types of content and change it at any time. You’re in control!
  • News, entertainment & lifestyle, scenic, and inspirational HD content in picture and video formats included
  • Weather modules
  • Multiple levels of user permissions
  • Live video streaming
  • Versatile content delivery applications (such as closed-circuit television)
  • Multiple screen layouts and content channels
  • Ad-Free! No annoying ads will ever play on your ChannelCare monitors!
In addition, we continually solicit feedback on our system from clients in order to refine our software, so it is more closely aligned with the demands and challenges of communicating in a healthcare environment.
Technical Service and Support
After installation, we provide 24/7 support and remote monitoring. We own this experience with you, so your staff is not burdened with ensuring things work correctly. Your facilities department can be involved as much or a little as you desire.

  • Pre-installation support: We assist your personnel or external vendors in the pre-installation process. This includes specifications and locations for required power drops and any necessary wiring.

  • Post-installation support: We monitor your players at all times. If and when we detect a problem, we contact you immediately and begin to correct the problem.
ChannelCare® Project Management
Vericom’s project management services for ChannelCare healthcare and hospital digital signage takes you seamlessly from sales to implementation. Your sales executive coordinates with our launch team, educating them about your goals, strategic initiatives, and details about your organization, so you are working with a team that understands you from the start. Our survey and installation team, client relations specialist, account manager, trainers, and design team work with you to ensure a smooth launch process— everything you need for a successful and sustainable digital signage solution.
Our comprehensive service includes
  • Technical site survey: We determine optimal locations and sizes of your monitors based on your site specifications and audience traffic patterns.

  • Launch call: During this conference call, you will meet the team that will work with you through the launch of ChannelCare and you will learn what steps come next in the process.

  • Content planning site survey: We work with your stakeholders to learn about their communications goals in order to assist in developing a content management strategy to meet those objectives. We provide an internal resource assessment to enable you to successfully estimate the manpower it will take for you to manage ChannelCare. We observe audiences in proposed monitor locations and deliver an assessment to help tailor your content to your audiences. We furnish a programming guide to help you create optimal programs.

  • Monitor skins and branding: We design custom backgrounds for your monitors using your branding elements.

  • Training: We provide software training onsite or online with follow up training in the form of webinars and phone support.

  • Content development: Your ChannelCare client relations specialist will work with you to craft your content for your first programs well in advance of your launch date, so you will debut ChannelCare with captivating, relevant, behavior-changing content.

  • Dedicated service and support: Your dedicated ChannelCare client relations specialist will be there to support and guide you as you manage content day-to-day. We provide 24/7 support for technical issues and monitor your players constantly to ensure we catch any technical issues before they affect you.