Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H), New Hampshire’s only academic health system, is striving at every turn to put the patient in the driver’s seat of his and her own health. Every D-H patient is enabled to make informed decisions by supportive healthcare teams committed to measurably improving the health of their community and the people they serve. This patient-centered focus serves as the foundation upon which D-H is proactively building a sustainable health system.

D-H has woven SoundCare on-hold messaging and ChannelCare digital signage into their culture of high quality care with the goal of improving the perception of that care for every patient with every touch. As part of their commitment to patient satisfaction, D-H relies on effective audio and visual messaging to ensure they are reaching and connecting with their unique audiences. Elevating the patient experience with the right communication tools is critical, as D-H is not just focused on treating illness but has an obligation to improve the health of their community. Engaged patients who perceive they are getting the best care are more likely to participate actively in that care, thus improving their health and care outcomes.

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